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Amaysim boosts data to keep customers connected

If you’re an Amaysim customer, much like other big telcos, you’re getting a bit of a data boost from this week.

More of us are using our internet connections than ever before, either because we’re looking to take the strain off our home internet connection, because are phones are faster, because it’s more convenient, or maybe because your phone is your home’s internet connection. Staying at home as you self-isolate means you’re probably on the web more than ever, as the internet becomes the place to talk, do work, and pretty much live your life.

And all of that comes with a bit of a cost to data.

Data, as most of us know, tends to be one of the biggest reason for prices on our mobile plans to rise, because outside of it, mobile plans are typically the same. Unlimited text and calls for all are normal, but the more unrestrained 4G and 5G data you have, the more your mobile bill is likely to increase.

Telcos have been especially more clued into customer needs throughout this coronavirus crisis, and have raised data amounts across various plans, and Amaysim is adding to the mix already. The company already did something like this back in March, but it didn’t appear to be a long term thing. This one is a little like that, starting from May 1 and running until June 30, which we imagine is Amaysim’s hope for this whole thing being over.

Amaysim’s latest assistance package works by essentially matching each package’s price with an equal data volume, with the $10 plan seeing 10GB extra data, the $20 plan getting 20GB extra data, the $30 plan seeing 30GB extra data, and the $40 plan moving to unlimited data. All customers on those plans will get the bump provided they’re paying customers, and it stays in effect from today (May 1) until June 30.

There’s a bit of a deal for new customers thinking of making the switch, too. New customers on the $10 and $30 plans will see lower prices on the first renewal, with the $10 plan seeing a $5 first renewal, while the $30 plan will cost $10 for the first renewal.

“We’ve reviewed the data usage over the past two months, and we can see that data is what our customers value the most during this challenging time,” said Peter O’Connell, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Amaysim.

“With that in mind we’re giving all our customers additional data, across all of our plans, to ensure everyone is able to stay connected without having to worry about data limits during this period,” he said.

“We’re always looking at ways to pack more value into our plans, whether that’s for our existing happy customers, or those looking for a better deal.”

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