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Amaysim adds data boosts for the month regardless of spend

If you’re pushed to use your mobile for data while you’re at home, there may be some positive news if you’re an Amaysim customer.

Working from home may place a bit more pressure on the home broadband networks than it normally might, but telcos and operators are coming to some sort of a rescue.

Already this week, both Optus and Telstra have announced subscribers would be gifted with extra data to help deal with the extra use we’re all getting from the internet, and they won’t be the only companies to do so.

Amaysim has thrown its hand in as another provider, capping the week with news that it will be providing extra data for customers dependent on how much they spend monthly.

If you’re on the $10 monthly plan, Amaysim will throw in an extra 10GB for use, while $20 monthly subscribers on Amaysim will see 20GB extra. Meanwhile, folks on the $30 plan will get 30GB, while customers on $40 and above at Amaysim will see unlimited data, at least for the moment.

“We recognise that our customers rely on our service to connect with family, friends and colleagues, as well as medical and emergency service providers,” said Peter O’Connell, Founder, CEO and Managing Director of Amaysim.

“Keeping our customers connected is our number one priority! That’s why we’re offering customer additional mobile data to assist their increasing needs during this period,” he said.

While the extra capacity is welcome, it doesn’t appear to be a long term thing, and will be usable until April 15. However it is entirely possible we’ll see data boosts like these added to and expanded on, especially if the COVID-10 coronavirus worsens.

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