Sonos brings Apple Music control to Alexa in Australia

The Sonos speakers with Alexa integration gain a new trick this week, talking to Apple Music and letting Sonos owners control their Apple Music with only their voice.

Earlier in the year, Alexa gained a trick: if you had an Apple Music account, you could control an Amazon Alexa-enabled speaker like the Echo range, and get the Amazon smart assistant to play your music.

It was a win for customers, particular those using Apple Music, because up until that point, the only way to do that was with the Apple HomePod, a great speaker, albeit a limited one since it only worked with Apple Music.

But there was a catch: while Sonos supports Amazon Alexa, it didn’t play nicely in Australia with Amazon Alexa and Apple Music.

Fortunately, that appears to be fixed, and this week, Sonos owners in Australia with a compatible speaker can use the Alexa setup to fire off a new skill, controlling Apple Music with their mouths.

That adds to the support for Amazon’s music service, as well as Spotify, which has worked from the beginning as well.

If you own a Sonos One or a Sonos Beam, you’re supported, and can say “Alexa, play Beats 1 Radio on Apple Music”, or any other music-related request.

To Sonos’ credit, Apple Music has been available to use for Sonos users in Australia practically since it was launched, but this is the first time that microphone support has been added via a Sonos speaker.