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Movie Frenzy offers discount rentals for a weekend

Not sure what you’re doing this weekend? If you’ve been looking to watch a recent movie, you might just save a bit of moolah.

The video store has become less of a thing in recent years, but that doesn’t mean we’re not renting movies. More that how we’re watching rented movies has changed.

From VHS to DVD to Blu-ray, and now digital. These days we’re renting our films over services like iTunes Movies, Google Play, Telstra TV, and the PlayStation Store, and that’s when the movies aren’t on services like Netflix, Stan, or Amazon Prime.

When they are, you might just tune in using those services, but otherwise, we’re getting our movies from those stores.

They still cost money, so that hasn’t changed, but sometimes you may hope the cost drops, moving from the typical six and seven dollar rental price to something a little easier on the wallet.

This weekend, you’ll get just that, as recent releases drop to two bucks for the weekend thanks to something called “Movie Frenzy” that ran earlier in the year in February.

“Each Movie Frenzy we love being able to put home entertainment front-of-mind, it is the perfect time for family and friends to sit back and relax with a range of new blockbusters and fan favourites,” said Simon Bush, CEO of the Australian Home Entertainment Distributors Association, the organisation that runs Movie Frenzy.

Movie Frenzy runs from August 2 to August 4, making it three days where some movie rental prices will drop in price over digital stores, at least for a few films out there.

Digital movie rentals can go beyond a day

One of the points worth remembering about digital movie rentals is just how long you have them for.

When you rent a digital movie on a service like iTunes or Google Play, you have the rental for around 30 days until you hit play, and then 48 hours to watch it.

That means if you see a movie you might want to watch over the next month, you might save money with a $1.99 rental provided you remember to watch it in that time.

Digital rental discounts and where you can get them

The digital rental discounts found through Movie Frenzy are available through the majority of digital movie platforms out there, including Google Play, Apple TV, Fetch, Microsoft’s Store, the PlayStation Store, and Telstra TV Box Office.

Not every film will drop for the Movie Frenzy weekend, but if you saw one going for $1.99 for rental, or even a few other price drops, you’ll know roughly the reason why.

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