IFrogz gets cordless wireless earphones down to $100

The world is going wireless, and if you’re looking to cut the cords to earphones this year, you might be able to do so for around the $100 mark.

There are plenty of options to get into wireless audio, but they almost always have one thing in common: they cost over a hundred bucks.

Not everyone has that sort of money to spare, and so they may not change their earphones out. They might just leave whatever their phone gave them in their ear, and depending on who made your earphones, your usage may vary.

But wireless can be inexpensive, as Audiofly continues to demonstrate, and the whole cordless and wireless world is coming down in price, as well.

Last year we saw Cygnett join with a pair that dropped cordless and wireless earphones down to a staggering $130, even if they weren’t fantastic and barely fit.

This year, the move is coming from Zagg’s IFrogz brand, a company that sounds like it’s produces gear for kids, but also builds products for everyone else, as well.

That’s coming in the IFrogz Airtime True Wireless, a pair of cordless and wireless earphones that will arrive in Australian stores for a recommended retail price of $99.95, and no doubt aim to make a dent on the competition.

IFrogs Airtime True Wireless earbuds

For that roughly $100 price, the company is talking up a small charging case with a total of 15 hours of battery life, sweat-resistance with an IPX4 rating, and the inclusion of a few types of eartips that the company says if they get worn out, lost, or damage, the company will replace them for “life”.

“At IFrogz, we’re on a mission to offer the best in sound technology for a price that everyone can afford, and the Airtime True Wireless Earbuds deliver on these characteristics for the consumer in a big way,” said Gavin Slevin, General Manager of Zagg International.

There’s also an auto-pair function in the Airtime True Wireless earbuds, something that the company says will connect the earbuds to “any Bluetooth device seamlessly”, something we’ll be curious to test in action. Our guess is this is basically ensuring you don’t have to turn both on independently, something that happens with some less expensive earphones, such as with Trndlabs’ Nova wireless earphones.

As for availability, IFrogz is suggesting the Airtime Earbuds will rock up in July, so the good news is we won’t have long to wait and find out.

IFrogs Airtime True Wireless earbuds