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Hisense Dual Colour Laser TV

Hisense shines laser light for a big 4K screen

Not all TVs are created equal, and if you’re looking for a really big picture beyond even conventional TV sizes, Hisense’s laser projector could just fit your idea of the big picture.

Even though televisions have increased in size dramatically over the past decade, sometimes big is hardly big enough. You can find TVs in the 75 inch and 88 inch sizes, but if that’s not quite big enough, there’s a good chance someone will suggest a projector.

Projectors make a lot of sense for big screen sizes because of just how large they can do, sporting metres to work with, usually based on how much light the room does or doesn’t have, and how far back you want the projector to go.

But projection comes in different grades, and if you’re after a big screen and a short throw, you generally need to look at other technologies, such as laser light.

Laser light sources can be used to light up a projector for use in daylight, such as in the Epson EF-100W, but they’re not all created equal.

While projectors like Epson’s can be made for portability in any room, they may also lack the super high resolution we’ve come to expect in TVs, still highlighting that major point of difference.

So if you want the premium burst of laser light and an ultra high resolution, what are you to do?

You might want to look at a model Hisense is releasing, arriving in the “100 inch 4K Ultra HD Smart Dual Colour Laser TV with HDR”, a name that’s easily a mouthful and may cause in-store salespeople to faint when said in full burst, and yet also describes mostly what it is.

Hisense Dual Colour Laser TV

Hisense’s Laser TV isn’t quite a “TV” in the sense of the world, using a short throw projection system to throw a projection against a 100 inch screen, providing a massive screen without the massive distance commonly needed.

The laser projection system happens to have a TV tuner in it, making it more like a TV than a projector, with smart TV apps also included thanks to Hisense’s TV interface.

Powering the Laser TV are two laser light sources, capable of throwing out a range of colours, while the unit is itself supported by the High Dynamic Range of HDR10 inside 4K Ultra HD projections, meaning a big and vivid picture are possible.

Hisense has also taken care of the audio side of things, with a JBL sound system included, helped along by a wireless subwoofer thrown in the box.

However to grab this projector, you’ll need a reasonable amount of money, as it’s still quite up there and a little exy. A big 100 inch size doesn’t necessarily come cheap, and Hisense’s 100 inch 4K Laser TV will end up costing $19,999 when it lands at Harvey Norman, JB HiFi, and The Good Guys laser– we mean later on.

Hisense Dual Colour Laser TV

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