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Hisense Series 7 85 inch ULED TV

Hisense outs 85 inch TV for under $5K

It’s nearly the end of the year, but products are still trickling out, and that includes some of the bigger items.

Manufacturers are getting ready for the holiday season, and that includes getting products ready for holidays.

A holiday doesn’t necessarily mean you going away, though obviously it can. Rather, a holiday might just be you sitting on the couch getting reacquainted with an old friend called television.

That “old friend” might also be so old that it’s time to get a new one, and if that’s the case, it’s something TV makers are also preparing for, getting new gear ready for the end of the year.

For Hisense, new gear includes the release of a pretty big TV made for a price that isn’t quite as large as the screen itself, releasing an 85 inch screen for under the $5,000 mark, offering a big 4K screen for actually not much more than $4000.

This model comes in Hisense’s 2019 Series 7 range, an almost mid-range approach to TVs that relies on a full-array backlighting technology to work with the panel and deliver a good billion colours or so, thanks in part to High-Dynamic Range technologies Dolby Vision, HDR 10, and Hybrid Log Gamma, which are also supported. Sound is a part of that, with the 85 inch Series 7 seeing Dolby Atmos inside alongside six speakers, though you may want to move to a soundbar or another option to get a more complete sound experience.

The 85 inch Hisense Series 7 also relies on the company’s own operating system with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa support, meaning you can speak to your TV, too.

Mostly, though, it appears Hisense is aiming to get the biggest TVs down below the $10,000 mark, which is where huge TVs tend to sit.

“Australians are increasingly looking for televisions that not only provide them with a grand experience but are backed by powerful, innovative technologies, which work together to deliver striking contrast and seamless viewing,” said Andre Iannuzzi, Head of Marketing for Hisense in Australia.

“The new 85-inch Series 7 delivers on this and is jam-packed with benefits that consumers can enjoy, from its endless selection of entertainment, including apps and streaming services, to its easy-to-use interface and voice control capabilities,” he said.

The Hisense 85 inch Series 7 can be found in stores this month, arriving for a recommended retail price of $4299.

Hisense Series 7 85 inch ULED TV

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