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Don’t panic: Gmail is down (back up)

Is your access to Gmail a little wonky at the moment? The good news is you don’t have to panic and you’re not alone, but the bad news is Google hasn’t said when it will be fixed.

When you’re internet goes down, no worries, because it’s usually localised to you. No biggie, and all your info will be there when it returns.

But when email goes down, it’s something different altogether, and that’s the state of affairs for quite a few Gmail users around the world, this one included.

It’s not affecting everyone, but March 13 isn’t being particularly kind to all Google Mail users, and even to some people with Google Drive, as the Google Dashboard reports problems with Google’s products.

The reports on outage maps seem to show the Google outage as fairly localised to APAC and the west side of the US, and you only have to look to the chorus of folks on Twitter wondering what’s going on with their emails.

Here at Pickr, we’ve had an email that’s been in the process of sending for over half an hour, an action that normally takes seconds, not minutes, and we’re not the only ones.

As to when this will be fixed, we imagine the folks at Google’s offices around the world are frantically trying to solve this bug or plug something back in, but if you are having issues, don’t panic, because it’s not just you. If you try to send emails, know that they may not work and may not save, so maybe just take a break off email until a little later when we hope Google’s service returns.

The outage map from DownDetector paints an APAC-heavy outage. That’s us. Sad face.

Update 6PM: Google is back up, and all systems are go again. You may now return to your regularly scheduled program.

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