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Canon finds an emergency nearby printer with PrintNow

Even though our world is becoming less reliant on printers, some times you just need to print. And if you do, Canon will help you find a printer. Ish.

Try as we might to escape printers, sometimes we just need them. Our world is very digital these days, but there are times when you’ll need to print a bill or even a presentation, and so printers are handy.

We’re not all going to go out of our way to buy a printer when we need one, and given the cost of consumables, a printer isn’t going to be a long term product for everyone.

However if you need to print, this makes the whole printing thing a little difficult.

On the one hand, you could go and find a local office supply store, as they may have a printer section, but Canon has been cooking up a different solution, launching a service to connect the internet with printers that might be found nearby.

It’s part of a service Canon calls “PrintNow” that allows you to find a nearby printer with a website to upload those documents through. The prints will cost money — sorry, no freebies here — with 10 cents per A4 page in black and white, and 65 cents per A4 page in colour.

The move comes as Canon reveals research suggesting 34 percent of Australians wish they had a more convenient print solution, even if younger Australians are less likely to own a printer of their own. Canon says the majority of personal print uses are driven by things such as forms, tickets for entertainment, and bills, and that’s where this service could see benefit.

However the catch may be how many places Canon has available as part of its PrintNow service.

As you can probably imagine, your mileage may vary, though we found only a handful of places that catered to the service nearby in our part of Sydney. These aren’t your usual office supply stores, and focus more on places like Cartridge World, Sun Studios, and a few other places.

Essentially, if you’re looking for a Canon PrintNow printer, you may have to scout around to find one, and it might not be remarkably local, at least in the beginning.

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