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Music with a computer

Apple Music comes to browsers for listening at work, elsewhere

Apple Music gets with the times and joins Spotify, Google Play Music, and YouTube Music, supporting web browser playback for your tunes.

You probably listen to your streaming service on your phone or tablet, but if you could on your web browser, would you?

Depending on the service you subscribe to, you might already get that chance. Spotify has offered web browser playback for quite some time, as has Google Play Music. The YouTube Music service that launched last year is based on YouTube, which works from a web browser, so that’s fairly standard.

And there’s about to be one more, as Apple Music subscribers gain access to Apple Music through a web browser.

It’s in beta right now, offering Apple Music subscribers their playlists and libraries, as well as Apple’s automatically generated playlists, too. You won’t fine Beats 1 radio no the service just yet, however, though we imagine that will come.

You’ll need a modern web browser to get Apple Music’s web beta working, and you’ll want an Apple Music subscription, but if you have both, you should be able to listen without adding another device to your list.

Essentially it means if you use a work computer, you might just be able to log in and listening to your music on the work computer, staying plugged into your tunes without pulling out your phone.

There are other reasons to try Apple Music on a web browser if you’re already a customer, such as being able to avoid using iTunes or Apple Music, and relying solely on your web browser, which is where many of us work and live.

If you’re an Apple Music subscriber, you’ll find the beta at now.

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