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Vodafone makes the NBN easy with three plans

Not sure what plan you should buy into when the NBN is installed your way? Vodafone is hoping it can make things a wee bit easier.

You’ve got choice when it comes to things in life, and the NBN is no different. In fact, Vodafone is planning on shaping things up there, cutting the amount of plans it has to three and making things easy all round.

Announced this morning, the move brings simplicity to NBN plans, with the company offering three, all of which differ only for price and connection speed.

There’s the $58 monthly Essential NBN running 25 megabit, the $69 monthly Essential+ NBN running 50 megabit, and the $89 monthly Premium NBN hitting 100 megabits. Outside of price and connection speed, the features being offered are the same, with unlimited broadband and backup over Vodafone’s 4G connection all part of the plan, as well as no lock in contracts, so if you decide Vodafone’s service isn’t what you’re looking for, you can get out.

That also means the death of the NBN 12 plan, making 25 megabit the starting place for broadband on Vodafone, leaving the 12 megabit maximum to its 4G backup system, giving you the same ADSL2-like connection speeds the off-chance that the NBN is down.

Customers already with one of Vodafone’s NBN plans will be switched over to the new plans, and there’s added incentive for Vodafone mobile customers with a postpaid accounts to join, with a ten buck discount on the Essential+ and Premium plans.

“There has never been a better time to revaluate your broadband plan, to look for the most affordable way to get the speed you need,” said Ben McIntosh, Chief Commercial Officer for Vodafone.

“We believe in offering great value for everybody, so if you are already a Vodafone NBN customer, you won’t miss out on the savings,” he said.

The plans go in effect from today.

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