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Oppo hints at flagship with the new Find

Budget and midrange smartphones have long been the domain of Oppo, but with a new handset, it could be back in the game.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from smartphone maker Oppo, it’s that it is beginning to get a little more daring and innovative in its hardware.

While the naming scheme can be a little off, and trying to work out which is better between the A-series and R-series can be a touch complicated — do you want the two distinct rear cameras on the R11 or the two similar cameras on the R11s? — Oppo is trying to change the game for smartphones in different ways.

The iOS-like experience is something that helps make an Oppo what it is, but so too is the value, and those are things that have become synonymous with the brand thus far.

Premium technology at a fair price seems to be Oppo’s modus operandi, but that doesn’t mean it can’t dabble with premium technology at a premium price.

In fact, it once did. Before its midrange and budget options, Oppo made waves with the “Find” series of phones, and while they’ve not been made available since 2014, it appears they might be on the verge of returning.

Oppo has sent word this week that a new model in the “Find” series will be announced in the next few weeks, potentially giving the world yet one more flagship for the first half of the year. It’s a big deal for Oppo, which like Huawei has chosen France for the launch of its next major phone, which Oppo says will be at the forefront of both technology and design aesthetics.

And the best part: it will reportedly come to Australia.

“We are really looking forward to bringing the latest device in the Find series to Australia,” said Michael Tran, Executive Director of Oppo in Australia.

“As always, OPPO will ensure the device offers customers amazing value, in addition to the flagship features” he said. “Our previous Find devices have been well received by savvy Aussies looking for the latest in smartphone technology and we expect the Find X will take the series to the next level.”

With the launch expected on June 19, you won’t have to wait long to find out what the big deal is. As always, we’ll keep you updated.

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