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Oppo cracks free screen repairs with R11s, R11s Plus

Owners of the latest Oppo phones won’t be afraid of the pavement or roads, at least the first time, as it offers a freebie for screen breakages.

Take a look around you: there’s a good chance you can find someone with a broken phone screen.

Broken screens are everywhere, and while accidents happen, replacing them isn’t always the first thing on people’s minds. Whether the issue comes down to cost or just it not being a major issue, broken screens affect not just the look of a phone, but often the usage.

Sadly, most manufacturers do not factor in the cost of a screen replacement in the warranty, and with research showing Aussies won’t let go of broken phones, that means most phones will stay that way unless owners are happy to part with cash. Some phone screens cost more than others, with curved screens tending to cost the most, and that’s something not every owner of a broken screen is happy to cover.

Manufacturers do occasionally cover the cost, as Huawei did last year with its Mate 9, P10, and P10 Plus smartphones, and this year there’s one more brand willing to do the same for its customers, as Oppo joins the screen replacement world.

This week, the company announced that it will be offering free screen repairs for the release of its recently-reviewed R11s and R11s Plus handsets, with the screen replacements offered once for a phone, though only in the first six months of ownership.

“We’re constantly looking for ways to provide added value to our customers,” said Michael Tran, Executive Director for Oppo in Australia.

“Back in 2014 we started shipping our devices with free screen protectors and cases, which was almost unheard of and really well received by our customers. With this latest initiative, we’re taking that a step further,” he said.

That means if you own an Oppo R11s or an Oppo R11s Plus and the screen shatters in the first six months you own the phone, Oppo will replace it, with the company’s Sydney repair shop handling the work, ideal if you decide to walk in, while folks living outside the city or who can’t get to Oppo’s centre can post their devices in.

“We have complete confidence that the screens are of the highest standard and durability. However, even with screen protectors and cases, we know that accidents happen, which can be frustrating and costly for consumers,” said Tran.

“We hope this gives them added comfort, knowing that they’re covered and a broken screen won’t break the bank.”

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