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Microsoft to offer esports training over school holidays

You might not be sure what to make of the video game athleticism that is esports, but one thing’s for sure, it has a lot of attention, and if you know someone keen to give it their best, Microsoft has an academy for you.

Back when we were kids, being good at video games wasn’t a trait that people would herald you for. Generally, it was left to make fun of you, or to remind you that going outside was something you needed to do. Repeatedly.

My my, how times have changed.

These days, video games are a competitive sport, so much so that it has become a multi-million dollar activity, and one garnering the attention of some pretty major companies. We’re seeing esports clubs and leagues pop up, and folks who may not necessarily be into sports are now getting very much into it, as they take to mouse, keyboard, and high-end computer to show off that digital athleticism.

But it’s more than just being good at computer games, and known esports players are planning to show keen Aussies just how much more it is.

This week, Microsoft has chimed in with word that during the next school holidays, it will be running courses at its Sydney store aimed at covering both the gaming and the commentating side of things, giving young folks a taste of what professional esports looks like.

“This event is all about bringing the gaming community at Microsoft Store together with some of the top talent in Australia so people can learn more about esports, how to improve their game and also hear about the pathways that exist to get into the industry,” said Max Ferfoglia, Gaming Community Manager at the Microsoft Store in Sydney.

The event will be running from April 16 to April 22, giving a good week of training from esports players, commentators, and broadcasters, and it won’t just be in Sydney.

Gamers keen to see what esports is all about will also get the opportunity in New York, with the New York Microsoft Store playing host to an Esports Academy on April 21 and 22.

To find out more, head to the Microsoft Store website, and if you’re interested in going, we’d say get in quick. Like other events held at the store, we’d say these spots will go fast.

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