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Kogan simplifies NBN offerings with three plans

NBN plans might just be getting easier for everyone, and hot on the heels of one telco simplifying its plans, another is doing the same.

Finding a broadband plan isn’t necessarily as easy as it should be, but ISPs are beginning to make the necessary changes to make it so.

Now that unlimited data is something most companies have opted for, it’s really just a matter of working out the speed you want, choosing between the 12 megabit that is close to ADSL2, the 25 megabit recommended minimum for broadband, or the faster 50 and 100 megabit speeds.

This week, however, Vodafone made the change to cut its plans back to three, and now Kogan is doing the same.

This week, Kogan has switched its NBN offering to three options, with an NBN 25 plan for $57.90 monthly, a 50 megabit plan for $65.90 monthly, and an NBN 100 plan for $85.90 monthly.

That’s about spot on (or ten cents cheaper) than Vodafone’s offerings, and says something about how the industry is attempting to shift pricing.

You won’t get Vodafone’s 4G backup service, but Kogan is attempting to sweeten the deal with 30 days of prepaid free, providing 16GB data for the phones, and unlimited text and talk. You’ll only find that on the two of the three plans, the NBN 50 and NBN 100 offerings.

We’re not sure if that’s necessarily enough to sway people to Kogan’s brand of NBN, but if you’re after a secondary SIM for nothing, you’ll find Kogan’s plans in effect now.

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