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Google Assistant can assist families over the holidays

With another round of school holidays coming up, parents may well be struggling to work out what to do, but if there’s a Google Assistant at home, you may just get a little help.

The next school holidays is almost upon us, and that means parents are already planning for it, and probably have been for weeks now. While you’ll try to wrestle kids away from video games and into proactive activities (wait until the kids make the argument that they’re practicing esports!), if you need a bit of help from a bit of technology, Google’s Assistant could be the ticket to helping you find activities for the break.

This week, Google is rolling out activities that the Google Assistant can talk about, working on Google Home-enabled speakers, as well as pretty much any phone with the Google app on-board, because that’s where the Google Assistant comes from

The new activities that Google speaks the language of including helping you go through the steps of making Anzac biscuits, reading stories like “The Complete Adventures of Blinky Bill”, and even playing a game, though it’s different from the on-screen delights of the Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch.

Rather, if you say to Google’s Assistant “Let’s play a game”, you’ll be a choice, or you can just choose for it, deciding “Play Musical Chairs” or “Play Lucky Trivia for Families” instead.

Google has a list of some of the new additions Google Assistant is getting for the holidays, and with Google Home devices able to match up to six voices to a Google Family account, it should be able to recognise when it’s the parents making a request and when it’s from the children. Hopefully it know who wears the pants.

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