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Fitbit brings the personal trainer to the Xbox One

If going to the gym isn’t how you wanted to spend your time losing weight and staying fit, it might be time to take your activity to the TV, as Fitbit finds a way to get on the idiot box.

It’s not a new fitness program on broadcast TV, but it’s not that far off, as Fitbit unveils its attempt to get you working out and still watching TV. If you happen to have a Fitbit and an Xbox One — any of them, including that 4K-friendly Xbox One X — you’ve also just found yourself a new physical trainer as Fitbit is offering that to owners of their products.

The offer is available through the Fitbit Coach app, which is now on both the Xbox and Windows 10 laptops, and uses a Fitbit tracker or smartwatch to monitor activity and heart-rate (if your device supports that), with the virtual on-screen physical trainer able to track your intensity level and provide video workouts.

That means you can work out in the comfort of your own home, away from the eyes of other members of the gym, and you can even do it with customisable music from a Fitbit radio system which runs through a few different genres.

There’s one catch, though, and it’s not the obvious catch that you need a Fitbit device (that’s technically a catch, too): you’ll only get one program to start with, as the rest cost money.

Officially, Fitbit Coach charges a yearly cost that should be around the $50 mark locally, and that will provide more programs more workouts, and audio work outs so you can go walking or make your way back to the gym’s treadmill and listen to your virtual trainer over the earphones.

We can’t promise the real trainer at the gym won’t get mad, but it’s your call, and your health.

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