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Facebook Messenger starts a video chat with up to 50 friends

If you are by nature a socialite and the joy of one-on-one communication isn’t good enough for your life, listen up, because Facebook’s Messenger will now let you talk to all of them. At once. You lucky sod, you.

Facebook was developed around the idea of connecting friends with friends, and direct communication is one of the most obvious ways of doing that.

Direct messaging through apps like Google Hangouts and Facebook Messenger make that very possible, but very rarely do these go beyond a handful of people.

It might be one, two, three, or five or six people, or even more, but that’s usually done in chat, typing messages to a bunch of people.

Video chat, on the other hand, is usually shared between only a handful of people, but Facebook is hoping it’s the sort of thing you share with lots of people.

Ten, twenty, and even more, with Facebook Messenger this week adding support for up to 50 in a video call at once.

In Messenger, there’s now an “add person” icon, which will support filters and effects, but more importantly, people.

It’ll work across iOS and Android, though Facebook hasn’t said if it will work in the app version for Windows or the web browser across Mac and Windows together.

For now, that means you can try talking to up to 50 people on your phone, just make sure you don’t wake them up. That’s a video chat you might not want to have.

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