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Apple to announce new iPad Pro October 31

Thinking of buying an iPad Pro before November? You might just want to hold off, because something new is likely coming.

It has been over a year since Apple released its last iPad Pro, and while one year normally marks the time between releases, Apple has been largely silent about its keyboard-connecting, Pencil-friendly iPad.

And yet that may not be the case for all too much longer, with an Apple special event marked for October 30 in America, which means October 31 in Australia.

Yes, that means come Halloween, Australia will likely have a new iPad Pro available for order or pre-order, and likely alongside something else.

With some pretty creative Apple logos used on the event invite preview — and quite a lot, too, as Apple’s site regularly refreshes to show something different — the expectation here is definitely for an iPad Pro, Apple’s most creative-friendly mobile device sporting support for the Apple Pencil and a hardware-connected keyboard.

Early expectations for the iPad Pro include a larger screen encased in the same 10.5- and 12.9-inch designs, making them similar to the current iPhone line-up, and that would go hand-in-hand with reports seen earlier in the year that the iPad version of iOS was being built to support a notch-style of operation with a full-screen display and FaceID.

While an iPad Pro is expected, a few other updates are possible, too, such as over in the computer space, where something new is expected from the older MacBook Air series, which is now one of the oldest computers in Apple’s line-up to go without both a modern hardware and design refresh.

We might also see what’s become of Apple’s AirPower charging pad, and possibly a change or two for other accessories.

And this will likely be Apple’s last major event of the year, so if you’re in the market for a new Apple gadget, waiting until this event is over could net you a slightly better gadget from your patience, or a small saving if you’re happy waiting for the older model to go at a discount.

Regardless, we’ll be sure to have the news on Wednesday, October 31.

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