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Stan goes 4K for those with newer TVs

The reason for buying a 4K TV just became a little more concrete locally, as more content has arrived for Australians.

One of the struggles of any Ultra HD TV owner is the issue with trying to find content to maximise your purchase. While there’s more now then there was back when UHDTVs first arrived a few years ago, 4K content isn’t always in massive supply.

There are some shows on Netflix, a few on Amazon Prime, some 4K Blu-rays, and even some upscaling happening in the gaming world, but there isn’t a huge amount.

This week, however, the supply gets a little bigger, at least in Australia, as Stan switches on an Ultra HD option in its Premium Plan, delivering 4K versions of shows like “Breaking Bad”, “Better Call Saul”, “The Girlfriend Experience”, “Preacher”, “Transparent”, and “Mozart in the Jungle”, as well as the Australian show “Wolf Creek”.

To get the 4K version of Stan, you will of course want a 4K TV, as well as something that can access the 4K version of Stan, and right now that’s Samsung and LG TVs from 2015 to now (2017), with the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro also included for support, though more access is coming for other devices later this year.

Your plan price will also increase, jumping from the $10 monthly regular customers pay up to $15 per month, providing not just 4K access, but also streaming across four screens and devices at once, while offline mode can work on up to five devices.

And if you’re not a Stan subscriber, given the premium 4K edition can be trialled for 30 days, there’s a chance you might be afterwards.

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