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Sony’s special edition PS4 gets another with GT Sport

The PlayStation 4 may not be as powerful as its PS4 Pro sibling, but that doesn’t mean Sony has lost the faith, announcing yet another special edition.

We’re not sure how many we’re at now, but if you’ve ever needed a reason to get a new PlayStation 4 — like maybe your old one is dying, or you just don’t like the old black colour scheme — Sony is offering yet another reason to update, and it’s with a new special edition.

Much like the gold, silver, and the models made for the various games, a new model will be popping up in Australia come October 18, coinciding with the launch for the new racing title, “Gran Turismo Sport”.

The new edition of the console is silver with a “GT” logo on top, and arrives with a silver controller decorated in much the same way, while the special edition console gets the “Day 1” edition of the GT Sport game including $250,000 of in-game credits to buy cars and such so you don’t have to go through and play all the levels to buy the exact car you want to start the game with.

Meanwhile, the console on the other hand rocks up with a 1TB hard drive, and will cost $549.95 with the game, which will cost $79.95 outside of the new console and won’t arrive with those in-game credits.

For folks who know the GT series, this may seem like a good value, but we have one caveat: Sony’s new PS4 is merely a PS4, and not a PS4 Pro, and that’s kind of a surprise.

We’re a little confused about that, especially when Gran Turismo is said to be enhanced for the newer PlayStation 4 Pro console, which is also made to support 4K TVs better, something which you’d surely expect on a title designed to look this good, you only need check a trailer for.

We’ll nudge Sony a little and find out why it opted for the standard PlayStation 4 as opposed to the pro model, but suspect it’s one of those choices you’ll just have to live with, as will every other PS4 buyer who wants that in-game money in Gran Turismo to start with.

GT Sport looks very pretty, and would sure to be even prettier on the PS4 Pro. Why Sony hasn’t made the PS4 Pro into a special edition we don’t know.
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