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Samsung taps “Bourne” director for VR films

3D movies may not have been the total game changer Hollywood expected, but VR movies could bring about something new, as Samsung VR launches a free set of shorts helmed by “Bourne Identity’s” number one man.

The director of “Swingers”, “Go”, “The Bourne Identity”, and “Edge of Tomorrow” has some new movies, but you’ll need a Samsung Gear VR headset and one of the required phones if you’re keen to watch them, as the Liman teams up with Samsung for a different kind of movie experience.

One of the first movies made for virtual reality headsets, “Invisible is made up of five parts, the some of which is directed by Doug Liman, exploring a science-fiction drama taking place in a family.

Shot in 360 degree video — as distinct from virtual reality itself — the series will switch cameras at points like any TV show or movie as directed by its director, but each shot will take on a full encompassing 360 degree scape, allowing you to explore around for the few seconds each shot exists, watching actors as they come up a path, talk, and see extra details around you.

While technically seen as a movie, the VR series is made up of those several parts, broken into 6 minute chunks (plus credit and a 360 degree ad on the end) so that you can watch it without feeling like the movie is becoming too stressful or headache-inducing to watch, solving some of the issues that VR headsets can bring.

One of the VR worlds current major filming houses was behind the filming we’re told, as Jaunt — which has filmed concerts and The Hobbit set in New Zealand — is essentially the technical house of wizards for this one, which means that while its first release is on Samsung’s Gear VR platform, it wouldn’t surprise us to see it made available on the Jaunt app on both Google Android and Apple later on.

It’s not presently — we checked on Android — but give it time, and we’re sure that it won’t just be Gear VR owners that get to try out this virtual reality-ish filming experience.

As for those of you with a Gear VR, you’ll find the films in what used to be Milk VR, with the “Samsung VR” 360 degree movie app giving you access to stream or download the videos for free. If you don’t have the “Samsung VR” app, check with Samsung, as availability appears to be a little spotty, otherwise we don’t anticipate it should be too long until the series becomes available worldwide via that Jaunt app.

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