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Apple’s next iPhone to be announced next week

This time next week, you may find yourself lusting over a new phone, as Apple gets set to unveil the next big deal, and we bet that’s not all it has up its sleeve.

The invitations have gone out, and it’s pretty clear: Apple is about to have an event, and by the looks of things, the camera will play a serious part.

Apple isn’t one to shy away from providing a few hints here and there in its invitations, and in the case of the latest invite, the softened lens look of the bokeh dots seen in the invitation tell a story suggesting the focus for Apple’s event on September 7 (September 8 in Australia) will be one on cameras.

Bokeh is the term applied to photography (and to a lesser extent videography and filming) where the background goes all soft behind a sharp subject, and is often characterised by out-of-focus pricks of light that appear on through the lens as softened circles or “bokeh dots”.

In the invitation (found below), the dots exist, but also happen to look like the Apple logo, but really it’s about the style and how the dots are presented that makes us feel Apple will be focusing on the camera, and that works well with rumours over the past six months.


Throughout this time, we’ve heard rumblings that the next iPhone would sport two cameras on the back, just like Huawei’s P9 offers, with the idea being the same: two lenses should offer better image quality across the board, capturing two sets of data and merging them for a better result overall.

While the camera is the giveaway in the invitation, we also expect that the processor will be different, while the design might be tweaked. We’re about at the point where Apple should have a new design, though recent rumours have suggested the current design will be finessed a little rather than totally changed, the way it normally is with iPhones offering a new number as opposed to merely a letter designation, like a “c” or an “s”.

There’s also a possibility of a new Apple Watch, but our hopes are on a new Apple MacBook Pro, a laptop that has been rumoured to be getting properly updated for some time now, with most of the possibilities including the likes of USB C ports for charging and data transfer and a touch-based OLED panel to replace the shortcut keys.

The MacBook Pro is long overdue for an update to its design, and these rumours have been swirling for quite some time, but with Intel releasing its seventh generation “Kaby Lake” processors to manufacturers, we suspect Apple will be going with these processors, announcing a new computer with the more capable and 4K-friendly 7th gen processors on-board.

It’s only a week until September 7 in America — September 8 for Aussies — so you don’t have to wait long to find out if we’re on the money for what Apple plans to release.

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