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Pickr 2022 Holiday Gift Guide: New Parents

Know someone planning on bringing a kid into the world in the new year, or have just recently? Consider these gadgets a welcome addition on the gift lists.

The holidays are for spending time with family, and some of that may include new members with beautifully cute little pudgy faces and bodies (aka babies), or maybe even someone about to have one of those.

If you’re buying for a new parent or someone who’s about to be, finding a gift suited for their needs could make a lot of sense, and mean a whole lot more than the typical socks, jocks, and chocolates. So what’s out there in gadget world that a new parent could absolutely dig?

Amazon Echo Dot with Clock

Price: $79

A new child won’t really need a smart speaker of their own, but the parents might find it useful having it in there. On the one hand, it’s a great way to trigger some light classical music or lullabies, connecting the speaker to your music service and calling on Alexa to play some tunes.

Alternatively, you can connect the compact and cost-friendly Echo Dot to a smart light and set up a routine: connect it to the light, a heater or cooling system, and run some music, and away you go. With one statement, you can make everything happen, and there’s even a clock on the side to tell you what time it is.

My Little Morphee

Price: $149.95

A variation on the theme from the product above, My Little Morphee is a child-friendly white noise generator with lullabies built in, arriving in a quaint little olive green boombox for relaxation.

While the sound quality isn’t amazing and the battery could be so much better, the portable design makes it super handy for bringing with you when you’re at home and heading somewhere else.

If parents are looking for a way to keep the Bub calm, this is one gadget that can assist.

Cubo AI Baby Monitor

Price: $499

What has quickly become one of our favourite gadgets and something we’re working on a review of, the Cubo AI monitor wins points not just because of its cute bird-like design, but just how well it works as a baby monitor.

The simple design will win you over as a bird watching over the Bub, but there’s more in the tech, too, with AI to pick up on when the baby has rolled over or has its face covered, alerts for when they cry or cough, and even analytics to track how well the baby has slept.

The Cubo AI may well be one of the best baby cams out there, and worthwhile for any new parent.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro

Price: $1749

A phone for new parents might sound a little crazy, but just go with us here: parents will want to take all the photos of their new bundle and joy. They’ll never want to stop taking photos, and while we could suggest a camera, they’re more likely to have a phone with them, so arm them with the best phone camera you can.

In 2022, the best phone camera goes to the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max, and both are just ideal for taking portraits, whether they’re portraits of adults or kids, or even babies.

DeLonghi La Specialista Maestro with Cold Brew Extraction

Price: $1999

Last year’s La Specialista Arte coffee machine was good, and a great way for new parents to get a dose of caffeine for being parents, but this year’s take might be even more ideal for the summer: it can make cold brew.

It’s a little more expensive, but this year’s take on the coffee machine can deliver cold coffee in five minutes, but also handle the hot coffees, too.

If you haven’t been a parent in ages, you may not remember how reliant you become on coffee. You don’t have much of it while pregnant, either because you are pregnant or you’re keeping in solidarity with your partner. But once you do have that child, you’ll want the coffee to flow, because otherwise, you mightn’t have the energy to keep up.

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