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Pickr 2021 Holiday Gift Guide: Star Wars

We all know someone who digs a little sci-fi, and if you want to buy them something on-brand and fun, this holiday gift guide is for you.

There are things that are useful, and then there are things that are fun, and if you know someone who loves Star Wars or something else delightfully sci-fi, you might look for something for the holidays that fits in that last category.

Normally, this is the part where we’d focus our efforts on finding some robots that deal with Luke, Yoda, and the rest of the Star Wars gang, but with Sphero no longer producing the robotic R2D2 or BB-8 models, gadgets based around that franchise are becoming fewer in number.

Still, we’ve managed to find a few that could just make a fan of the Star Wars franchise super happy, with some ideas that go beyond the basic action figure and bring their attention somewhere else.

R2D2 Tamagotchi

Price: $50

Wish you could have your very own R2D2? Well Sphero stopped making them, so you can’t, but you can’t get something similar, kinda-sorta.

If you know someone who has always wanted their own R2 astromech droid, there’s now an R2D2 Tamagotchi, basically turning the loveable droid into a virtual pet you can get on a keyring.

Star Wars Apple Watch Bands

MobyFox Star Wars Apple Watch bands

Price: $69

It’s not just Apple that makes bands for its Apple Watch smartwatch, but other brands, too. And if you fancy a watch band based on this big film and series catalogue, MobyFox has the answer.

We last wrote about MobyFox’s Star Wars Apple Watch bands back in 2019, and they’re still out there, covering wrists with references to the films.

The Child Animatronic Edition

Price: $99

With The Mandalorian giving fans a regular taste of Star Wars while we all await the next big film, Baby Yoda — “The Child” — is the character many have fallen for, and with good reason: it’s adorable.

However, it’s also a character that has its own animatronic edition, able to move its head and ears, make sounds, and generally recreate everything that’s cute about the on-screen version in the real world. Except eating frogs.

Luke Skywalker Battle Simulation Helmet

Price: $199

It’s been some time since Lenovo produced its augmented reality Star Wars helmet, but Hasbro has something focused on people keen to feel like Luke in A New Hope and Empire.

The Luke Skywalker Battle Simulation Helmet is an adult-sized helmet with three speakers and LED lights to make it feel like you’re Luke flying through the Death Star trench run or in a snowspeeder at Hoth.

It’s not interactive as such, but the helmet is about as close as you’re going to get to an X-Wing, and could be a fun addition to a Star Wars fan’s collection.

Star Wars Pinball Machine

Price: $1399

Easily the most expensive sci-fi gadget on this list, Arcade1Up’s Star Wars Pinball Machine brings together ten Star Wars pinball machines in a digital way, letting you play digital pinball in a gadget styled on the real thing.

There’s no physical ball here, but there’s a physical plunger and buttons for flippers, with all of them talking to the screen, and letting you pick which of the ten pinball games you want to play.

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