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Apple iPhone 12 dual camera

Which is bigger: iPhone SE or iPhone 12 Mini

Two small iPhones will be found in 2020, but which is slimmer and small all round: the 2020 iPhone SE or the pint-sized iPhone 12 Mini?

Spare a thought for folks who don’t want to carry a big phone, because they may not have many choices.

Most phones these days offer positively huge screens, helpful to accommodate bigger batteries, but if you don’t mind charging regularly and prefer a smaller smartphone size, this may not suit. Instead, you may want to turn to a smaller phone, though good luck finding them.

With big phones now dominating the selection, finding a phone with a screen size below 6 inches isn’t always easy, but there have been a few. Google’s Pixel 4a makes a case for an Android capable of keeping a 5.8 inch screen size in a smaller design, while Apple’s 2020 iPhone SE is a tremendous value offering the 4.7 inch iPhone 8 design with iPhone 11 parts inside, and for a $749 price point.

Those are two options right there, but there’s now one more: the iPhone 12 Mini coming in November gets a small 5.4 inch screen in one of those full-screen designs the likes of which we’ve seen on Apple’s other phones for the past few years, and it may well get the size down elsewhere.

The iPhone 12 Mini is smaller than you might expect

While it has more cameras, a newer processor, and a higher quality screen, the iPhone 12 Mini actually manages to be smaller and lighter than its iPhone SE sibling.

It might seem crazy, but the newer iPhone 12 Mini manages to be shorter in height, smaller in width, and only 0.1mm thicker. However thanks to the new button-less front design of the Mini, Apple has managed to throw in a bigger screen into what is technically a smaller design, marginal as it is.

Comparing the iPhone SE 2020 and the iPhone 12 Mini side by side, the newer iPhone 12 model is easily the better of the two, and has its sibling nailed for specs, though does come in at a minimum of $450 more, making it a different class of iPhone, for sure.

But if you have to choose a phone based on size alone, the iPhone 12 Mini is technically it, and something to consider.

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