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Pickr 2020 Holiday Gift Guide: Android Owners

Thinking of a gift for someone who loves their Samsung, Oppo, Google, or something else with Android? Here are some ideas for that.

Buying for iPhone owners is one thing, but that’s not the only type of phone owner out there. With a good half of Australia using iPhone and iOS, the remaining 50 percent is more or less focused on the other big mobile operating system, Android.

Those owners may want a gadgety gift or two, and that’s what this guide is for, hopefully helping out with a few ideas you might not have thought of.

Samsung UV Steriliser Wireless Charger

Price: $79

In a year of a pandemic, it should come as no surprise that folks are a little more concerned about whether something is clean or not, and that might be their phone. While the jury’s still out on whether or not a phone can really deal with the coronavirus, cleaning them might be something you’re game to do.

Samsung’s UV Steriliser is a box that uses ultra-violet light to cleanse mobile devices, and also has a wireless charger built in to charge a phone, too. It’s about as 2020 as wireless chargers get, though works to cleans other small things, too.

Belkin BoostUp Charge Wireless Stand & Speaker

Price: $99

A slightly different take on the wireless charger, the Belkin BoostUp Charge Wireless Stand & Speaker is exactly what the name suggests: a charging stand with a speaker built in as well.

It’s a little more interesting than a standard wireless charging stand because it has a speaker at the back, but it can also hold a phone in both portrait and landscape configuration.

Joby GripTight Pro 2 GorillaPod

Price: $100

A small tripod for folks who use their phone camera for everything, the GorillaPod for smartphones is a special type of tripod that can hold a phone, and can also hold on to nearly any surface.

Different from a standard tripod, this one has little joints that can wrap around a surface, object, or post, and hold a phone comfortably for photos. It’s like a standard tripod, but also a little bit more adaptable for our world.

Google Nest Audio

Google Nest Audio with the Google Pixel 4a

Price: $149

Google’s latest speaker, the Nest Audio is a decent little speaker made for the home with sound that can fill a room, and a focus on the Google Assistant, something Android owners will likely be more than familiar with.

Loud and capable of delivering some oomph, the Nest Audio is a solid little speaker made not just for folks with Android, but plenty of others, too.

HP Sprocket Studio Mobile Printer

HP Sprocket Studio review

Price: $219

Grabbing lots of photos will likely mean a few might get printed, and HP’s Sprocket Studio can make that happen.

It’s a dye-sub printer made to work with your phone, allowing you to print directly from phone to card, and giving your pictures some new life in a post-card size.

Oppo Enco W51

Oppo Enco W51 review

Price: $249

A pair of wireless in-ears with noise cancellation and surprisingly warm sound, the Oppo Enco W51 are a great pair of earphones worth checking out, and ideal for owners of either Android or iOS.

There’s no app needed for these, and they just deal with music that way earphones would, delivering solid sound in a small size.

Sony WH-1000XM4

Sony WH-1000XM4 reviewed

Price: $549

Headphones may not get much better than these in 2020, with the Sony WH-1000XM4 delivering some of the best sound you can find out of any brand.

Compatible with both Android and iOS, and supporting some cool features over an app, the Sony WH-1000XM4 is one of the best ways to listen to music this year.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Samsung Galaxy Watch3 review

Price: $649

About the closest an Android owner can get to an Apple Watch, Samsung’s take on the smartwatch gets plenty of health features, plus a nice touchscreen, decent battery life, and a something different: a rotational controller.

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