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Apple iPhone XS and XS Max cases

XS Protection: iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max case guide

With the release of a new iPhone comes a bunch of new cases, and with good reason: both new iPhones are big pieces of glass. How will you protect your iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max?

Glass on the front, glass on the back, and a metal frame in between. Apple’s new iPhones don’t leave a whole lot of room for any other visible material, and that may not be a good thing as far as wear and tear is concerned.

While the glass-on-glass design of the new iPhones gives off a totally premium look and feel, the result in one that could possibly leave your phone smashed, and we don’t even want to think as to what that repair cost would be like.

Quite simply, if you like keeping an iPhone looking schmick the way Apple first provided it to you in the box, you’re going to need some protection, so what are your choices for the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max?


One of Australia’s more budget focused options for smartphone accessories and cases is ready for the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, with a few variations of protection available to you.

Whether you’re after a simple edge protection or something with a wallet style flip case, you’ll find an option over at 3Sixt, starting at $29.95

That basic cost gets you the PureFlex, an impact-resistant plastic case with a transparent back, with a folio cover adding five bucks in the SlimFolio ($34.95).

For ten bucks more, 3Sixt offers wallet and clutch variations with leather used in the construction, providing not just card holders, but a cash pocket, as well. There’s one in a wallet and one in a clutch, named the NeoWallet and NeoClutch respectively, and both cost $44.95.

3Sixt is also doing two screen protectors for the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, offering a flat glass screen protector for $24.95, while a curved glass screen protector ups the cost to $34.95.

While the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are the main phones you’ll find these on, we’re told 3Sixt is also making them for the iPhone XR, as well.


We haven’t seen many cases out of Belkin’s local arm yet, but we do know that the company will be offering screen protection for the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

As such, expect the $29.95 TemperedGlass ScreenForce, while the InvisiGlass and TemperedCurve editions hit $49.95 and $59.95 respectively, with iPhone XR versions to come shortly, too.


A brand we’ve not seen on Pickr before, Case-Mate has arrived for the Australian market, offering a variety of materials not exactly common to smartphone cases. To that end, you’ll find ceramic beads, crystals, flowers, and a carbon fibre print, with quite a few options to protect and help you carry around the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, or the iPhone XR when it eventually arrives.

That starts with Case-Mate’s $59.95 Wallpaper cases, using colourful trends in case, while a leather option costs the same in the “Barely There Leather”, as does the multi-coloured ceramic bead case in the $59.95 Sprinkle iPhone XS case.

If you’re after something a little more interesting, Case-Mate offers flowers pressed into a resin case in the $69.95 Ditsy Pedals case, and three-metre drop resistant case apparently made with carbon fibre for $69.95.


Australia’s Cygnett is offering a few options for the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, with options ranging from $24.95 to $69.95.

If you want the basics, Cygnett has a plastic case made from thermo polyurethane and hard polycarbonate (read as “soft and hard plastic”) in the $24.95 AeroShield Slim while a lighter variation of that is in the $29.95 Skin Slimline.

Move up a bit in pricing and you start to see Cygnett’s more impressive line, including the $34.95 Orbit Premium, a case that Cygnett says features “military grade” technology to absorb impact of up to 2.4 metres, while the Cygnett Ozone Premium glass case uses scratch resistant tempered glass and a shock absorbent frame for $39.95.

Cygnett also offers a wallet-style case, with a folio design offering credit card holders and a spot for cash for $69.95


Australia’s EFM has been making cases for some time, and is one of the suppliers of the highly shock resistant D3O material, also used in motorbike apparel. You’ll find it across the EFM range, protecting the sides of the phone and part of an impact dispersion structure.

That starts with the $49.95 EFM Aspen Clear Case Armour, a case sporting a coloured rim with a clear back, while the $49.95 Aspen Card Case Armour shares a similar design, replacing the glass clear back for a black back covering a hidden card slot.

For ten bucks more, there’s the Cayman Case Armour and Cayman In-Style Case Armour, offering a UV resistant back plate and aluminium accents to protect the edges, complete with clear and patterned back plates.

Finally, there’s the EFM Monaco Leather Case Armour which protects using the same D3O impact protection material, but packs the case in a leather wallet with aluminium accents and card storage for $79.95.


Not one to miss out, Lifeproof has a few variations for the iPhone XS and XS Max, with iPhone XR variants arriving later, as well.

These start with the Lifeproof Slam, providing a two-piece design with a clear back and a rubberised edge, delivering drop resistance for up to two metres for $54.95 for the iPhone XS and $64.95 for the iPhone XS Max.

Next up is Lifeproof’s Next, a two piece that protects against drops, dirt, and snow for $84.95 and $99.95 for the XS and XS Max, respectively.

If you need more protection, Lifeproof’s Fre is made to protect against drops, dirt, snow, and weater, including a built-in screen protector and port protectors. You’ll find the Lifeproof Fre starting form $109.95 for the iPhone XS model, while the iPhone XS Max variation will cost $129.95.


Otterbox is also releasing its range for the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, pulling out the Symmetry, Defender, Pursuit, Commuter, and Strada Folio out for the new iPhones.

Starting from $39.95, you’ll find the simple shock absorbing Otterbox Commuter, heading into the slimmer take in the $54.95 to $74.95 Symmetry.

The Defender (above) ups the protection even more from $74.95, while Otterbox’s Pursuit variation runs at $84.95 to $99.95 and offers thin drop resistance with dust, dirt, and snow protection.

Otterbox is also releasing its Strada folio range for the iPhone XS and XS Max, starting at $64.95 for a leather cover with a magnetic front clasp.


Another player with some pretty strong cases is that of Tech21, with Tech21’s research showing that it has the skills to protect smartphones from being killed.

This year, Tech21 is saying it has its largest ever range, with quite a few varieties found.

Tech21’s relatively minimalist Evo Check is back, with a three layer protection system and its “FlexShock” impact material to protect against up to three metres of drops for $49.95.

There are three variations of the Evo Luxe case protection for the side and back, including one made of woven fabric, one made to feel like fake leather, and one that is made for sweaty hands (Evo Luxe Active Edition). The Evo Luxe range boasts drop protection for the parts it protects for up to three and a half metres and costs $59.95.

A bigger case complete with a lens cover to protect the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max camera is available in the Evo Max for $59.95, and Tech21 even says it cleans the lens each time it’s opened, while offering a good four metres of drop protection.

And there’s also a wallet folio variation, arriving in the $59.95 Evo Wallet, which nets the three metres of protection, and a nice magnetic flip cover for that will store two cards.

Tech21 also has screen protection in four varieties this year, all costing $49.95.

There’s the Tech21 Pure Clear, a thin scratch-resistant screen with protection of up to three metres, the Pure Tint with up to three metres and a tint for the display, the Pure Soda that uses the same protection but gives a bubble design for the screen, and the Pure Shimmer which again protects the screen for up to three metres, but adds an iridescent tint in either pink or blue. Shiny shiny.

Oh, and if you’re thinking about grabbing these for an iPhone XR, good news: they all schools be available for that, too.


And yes, there is, of course, Apple, which has a few options available to iPhone owners keen to stick with Apple’s style of cases.

Apple will sell regular cases this year in both silicone and leather for $65 and $79 respectively, while a leather folio will also be made by Apple, fetching $199.

Apple doesn’t, however, do a screen protector, so if you want one of those on your phone, you’re going to have to go elsewhere.

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