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Is a purifier always going to filter and clean the air?

As purifiers set to become a little more economical, you might be wondering how long they last, and if they’re a one-off purchase or will need more money over time.

It’s rare to find a product that lasts forever these days, though as the old adage says, “you often get what you pay for”.

While it’s possibly to pay top dollar for things that break (and break quickly), some things will end their life earlier than anticipated, while others need a part you hadn’t considered.

In the case of air purifiers, it’s the latter of these that’s true, with a part being needed on a somewhat regular basis no matter how much you pay.

You could spend $99 or $699, and when an air purifier filter reaches its end-of-life, it will cease to be effective at cleaning the air.

It’s a similar issue with internet security signatures, whereby you pay for a year of security only to stop, and have that security no longer updated and actively keeping your device clear of modern threats.

The same is true of air purifiers, only in a slightly different capacity: when an air filter is spent and reaches the end of its life, it needs to be replaced.

That means if you spend $99 on an Aldi Easy Home air purifier, you shouldn’t expect it to last beyond a year without some maintenance. Purifier maintenance typically means replacing the filter inside, and that’s definitely the case with the Aldi $99 filter, as it is Dyson’s $699 Pure Cool Link fan with air filter.

Aldi Easy Home Air Purifier
Aldi’s $99 Easy Home Air Purifier

So before you invest in an air purifier, it’s wise to consider where you’ll be getting the replacement filter from.

In the case of a Dyson, you’ll typically find the spare filters from the Dyson online shop, though it’s possible that some department stores and retailers will stock the part, too. It’s likely a similar story with purifiers from Breville, Xiaomi, and Philips, with their respective online stores providing replacement parts.

When buying from a store that runs regular deals on equipment that may run out, such as with Aldi, doing your research can be a little more difficult. In store, your best bet is to consider asking a shop attendant whether you can check a manual inside the box if it details where parts can be found from.

In fact, with the Aldi Easy Home $99 Air Purifier, representatives for Aldi told Pickr “the product comes with an instruction manual advising how to do so in the event more filters are needed”, and that “customers can purchase additional filters directly from the supplier”.

Air purifiers are essentially going to be less effective when the filter isn’t clean, and will get dirty and become ineffective over time and use based on how much they’ve had to clean. Whatever you end up buying to clear the air, make sure that it’s not seen as a one-off purchase, because an air purifier will inevitably need replacement filters over time.

Replaceable carbon air purifier filter
Carbon filters like this one will need regular replacement and maintenance if they’re to protect you from nasties found in the air.
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