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What is the cloud?

The cloud is everywhere, and it’s a part of our lives, whether we realise it or not. What is the cloud, and what does it do for us?

These days, technology is highly portable, and while we carry much of our lives with us on our phones, our tablet, and our computers, we can also choose to carry it in a digital storage environment far away and yet also not.

The cloud is that technology, and it is essentially any storage or service operating on the internet, affording access to files stored on that internet technology to any device that can access it.

That means if you’ve stored photos on an internet service like Flickr, Google Photos, or are uploading to Apple’s iCloud Photos, you’re storing photos in the cloud, and if you’re using a service like Dropbox or OneDrive to store files, you’re using the cloud.

Storage and services operating online are part of the cloud, and by and large, most of what we use today forms a part of the cloud.

Long story short, the cloud is any place on the internet that you store information in, and if you own a phone that has a camera, there’s a good chance you’re using it for your photo backup, and possibly more.

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