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ABC Brisbane Afternoons: 3G’s shutdown

In Australia, the 3G network is set to be shut down, so what can you do? Pickr editor Leigh Stark joins ABC’s Kat Feeney to talk all that and a little on Optus.

Optus may not want to remember November 8, but it’ll be a day its customers won’t forget.

With one of the country’s largest telcos down for the first half of the day and unable to offer mobile and internet access, Leigh Stark joined ABC Brisbane Afternoons with Kat Feeney to talk about some of the issues from the situation, before jumping into a big topic Australians will soon have to grapple with: the shutdown of the 3G network.

It won’t affect everyone, and anyone with a phone from the past ten years will probably be fine, but if you have a medical device like a pacemaker or fall detection system, or even an EFTPOS terminal or remote security camera for a farm, you may find the 3G switch-off could affect you.

Find out all about this and listen to some listener stories from the Optus outage at ABC Brisbane Afternoons, starting from 1:44:00.

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