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Missed The Wrap at CES? Here are the podcasts

Did you miss all five podcasts wrapping up every day at CES? No worries, because here’s the entire list in one place.

CES 2020 is officially closed and over, and the journalists who made their way over from all parts of the world are going home. That includes this one, who had a blast checking out the latest gadgets and up-and-coming ideas, and he’s still writing.

In fact, we’ll probably still be writing CES stories for the next few days, because there was just so much that we captured, it’s going to take some time to get through it all.

Aside for walking the floor and making our way from convention centre to hotel, we were spending time producing the award-winning podcast The Wrap, Australia’s fastest technology roundup, delivering one new episode every day at CES.

Normally, The Wrap is a five minute program released every Friday morning, catching audiences up on the week of tech that was in the space of five minutes, but at CES, we had to do things a little differently.

There is just so much technology at the show, if we were going to make The Wrap worthwhile for CES 2020, we needed to do more of them.

Back at CES 2018, we recorded more than one podcast for the show, eventually creating three. That was plenty, but this year, we wanted to do more.

This year for CES 2020, we needed the show to cover more, so we produced one for every day of CES 2020, providing a five minute round-up of what we saw at CES this year, ideal for folks who might not have the time to read all those articles.

We’d totally understand if you missed those podcasts, though, because they can get lost in the stories coming from CES, so we’re providing the entire lot below in one place, complete with a little synopsis in case you wanted to listen to what CES was like from the point of view of Pickr and The Wrap.

Day 1: CES Unveiled

Before the world’s biggest tech show starts, we’re getting a preview of some hot new gadget at CES Unveiled. From TVs to wearables to making water from air, these are ideas big and small making a dent ahead of the show.

Check the full episode here…

Day 2: The first day of CES 2020

You’d never realise it, but the first official day of CES is always the press day, where media line-up to sit in keynotes and presentations to hear just what’s coming. So what is coming? In this episode, hear about wall-sized TVs, foldable computers, and a flying taxi, all in five minutes.

Check the full episode here…

Day 3: The second day of CES 2020

The first full day at CES 2020 sees journalists hitting the floor of the Las Vegas Convention Centre to see what’s coming. Vendors offer a glimpse of all the tech, and we’re only too happy to start checking out. From the big 8K screens to the small concept gaming machines, the first big day at the CES booths on the ground was very entertainment focused.

Check the full episode here…

Day 4: The third day of CES 2020

There’s more to CES than just the big booths, and you can check out some of the smaller ideas, too. We’ll take a look at some of those big ideas and even look into the little ones, as we take in more parts of CES.

Check the full episode here…

We sure spent a lot of time at CES, and after the work-week we had at the show, some key trends have emerged, plus some ideas and gadgets which we think stand out better than others. We’ll take you through these in just five minutes.

Check the full episode here…

Leigh Stark was flown to CES 2020 in Las Vegas, USA as a guest of the Consumer Technology Association (CTA).

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