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Stoov updates the electric blanket, cushion with a cordless battery

Winter is almost upon us, as the colder temperatures start to hit Australia. And just in time is a gadget that aims to keep you warm without needing a cord wrapped around you.

It’s getting colder, and while that might be a call to get jumpers and jackets out, there’s typically not a lot that technology can do to assist, aside for maybe suggesting a new type of heater or maybe an air conditioner to warm the room.

But that doesn’t always mean technology can’t help. In fact, a recent gadget launching in Australia could just help keep you toasty, provided you don’t mind hugging it, sitting on it, or just letting it rest on you.

A little bit different from other heaters, Australia is seeing the launch of Stoov, a Dutch offering that has been released in other parts of the world, but is new to Australia.

Stoov’s tech essentially combines infrared heating with a cushion, a blanket, or the modern equivalent of a hot water bottle, using infrared energy to heat your body.

Each device (if you can call it that) comes with a few settings and a battery, making them cordless cushions, cordless blankets, and even a cordless electric bottle you can hug and cuddle up to, lasting for as long as eight hours dependent on the option you’re looking at.

Some models have the option of two battery types, which can help you get up to 3 hours for the standard battery and more from the larger battery, with three different heating settings. Interestingly, the warmer you set a Stoov, the less battery life you’ll see.

However, the point isn’t so much to run for the longest time without a battery, but rather to be able to take a warming blanket or cushion into a remote environment. That makes it useful both at home and out on a trip.

“We are lucky to live in a country where we get more than our fair share of sunshine and warmth, but this can make it easy to forget that it does get chilly too,” said Becky Nascimento, Country Manager for Stoov in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

“That is why we are so excited to bring Stoov to Australia as the perfect lifestyle partner during the cooler months, especially as day rolls into evening and the sun disappears,” she said.

“Whether you are out and about and don’t want your plans to end, or curled up on a couch watching tv, there is a special kind of happiness in staying warm and snug.”

Pricing for the Stoov gear starts at $144 for the Homey electric water bottle, while the Ploov cushions start at $174, and the Big Hug heating blanket and chair pad starts at $204 locally.

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