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Sennheiser marries ANC, fitness tracking in Momentum Sport earphones

Truly wireless earphones are getting better and better, but the latest take on the tech will do more than let you hear sound in isolation.

Looking for a new reason to upgrade earphones? Better sound is usually it, but that doesn’t have to be the only logic for moving to a new pair. As noise cancellation improves, encasing yourself in a bubble of blunted audio bliss is one of the features you typically get, but it may not be the only draw card.

A recent arrival from Sennheiser could give fitness focused folk something extra to consider, with the company set to release a pair of unique earphones announced back at CES earlier in the year.

Following on from the Momentum True Wireless 4 earphones released earlier, Sennheiser has the Momentum Sport, a pair of noise cancelling earphones made to be worked out with, thanks in part to included health sensors.

Like the other Momentum models Sennheiser makes, noise cancellation is a part of the package, but so too is a heart rate sensor, as well as a temperature sensor, which means the Momentum Sport can act like a health wearable on your wrist and track health metrics from your ears.

Sennheiser’s attempt in this category isn’t entirely new — Jabra offered heart-rate tracking in a pair of truly wireless earphones in 2017 — but it’s a category largely left alone by manufacturers, and the addition of body temperature is new.

What’s more, the latter feature — temperature checking — could help people monitor for fatigue, providing target temperature ranges and matching it to heart rates inside the the Sennheiser app. The company notes heart rate data doesn’t have to be limited to its app, either, connecting with Apple Health, Garmin, Peloton, Strave, and more.

It’s this combination of health and sound that the Sennheiser Momentum Sport is going for, and matching it with IP55 water resistance, which also makes it sweat proof, too.

The earphones will come with a little under 6 hours of battery like with four more charges in the case, resulting in just under 24 hours of usage before the battery case needs to be plugged in, though that also supports wireless charging, so you could leave it on a Qi charging pad, too.

In Australia, the Sennheiser Momentum Sport is priced at $529.95, with the earphones available across the country now.

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