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Samsung’s transparent TV is made with Micro LED

LG isn’t the only company with a totally clear TV. Samsung has also turned on its Micro LED technology and made it transparent, too.

If you’re wondering just what the future of TVs looks like, it isn’t going to be a big flat black thing that sits in your home. That’s the vibe from CES, where the stars of the show skip the typical darkened look we all know as “off” and instead look to a clearer view. An almost totally clear view.

LG kicked it off with a transparent TV coming in the OLED T, and it won’t be alone.

While LG has found a way to roll back the contrast values on its black pixels, Samsung has been working on a different approach using its Micro LED technology seen over the years.

Different in design, Micro LEDs are often made of sections of LEDs that can fit together to form TVs of virtually any size, and sometimes even unorthodox shapes.

Samsung demonstrated aspects of that back at CES 2020, where we saw the complex and crazy world of Micro LED TVs, an idea it has since largely retreated on with more normal shapes and sizes of Micro LED screens.

However it has been dabbling in some of the crazy concepts for its Micro LED technology, it seems, showing off a transparent Micro LED at CES that uses a very small version of the chip to create a clear picture and reduce light refraction.

Like that original modular model, Samsung says the transparent Micro LED technology is modular to allow customers to shape the size and ratio of its screens to fit “virtually any space”, and basically allow the chip technology to be directly placed on glass, meaning it could essentially be used in any form of glass at home. In short, the windows-as-screens concept seen in Back to the Future II could eventually be a reality, albeit at a higher resolution.

There’s no word on what Samsung’s transparent Micro LED panels would cost yet, nor is there a sense of availability, but given that the current breed of Micro LED TVs sit in the category of “if you have to ask…”, we’d say these won’t be cheap, either.

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