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Panasonic’s Lumix S9 makes a full-frame mirrorless properly compact

A small camera that beats with the heart of a big one is on the way from Panasonic, as it makes a full-frame mirrorless to go.

Phones may well be gradually overtaking the world of cameras, but that doesn’t mean cameras aren’t still a category by themselves. The two are different, and if you’re looking for quality, there’s a good chance you’re taking a look at a dedicated camera.

One downside to the dedicated is often size — they’re typically much bigger than your phone, and the more you want them to do, the more sizeable they’ll be.

Fortunately, cameras are getting smaller, and one of the more recent models set to arrive in Australia is yet more proof of that.

Panasonic’s recent entry of the Lumix S9 is built to be a compact variation on the mirrorless formula, but with a full-frame sensor.

The camera relies on a 24.2 megapixel full-frame sensor, and is the first compact Lumix S model, compatible with an assortment of Lumix S lenses, including a couple of new entrants: a 26mm flat “pancake” lens and an upcoming 18-40mm lens, as well.

The camera weighs 403 grams and includes support for images and video, and will talk to phones using a Panasonic app for sharing back to your device.

Interestingly, the Lumix Lab app will also allow people to create style presets to change the look of images out of the camera, effectively allowing you to tweak and customise how images look on your phone for your camera. According to Panasonic, two of these files (called LUT files) can be combined at the same time, and be applied to photos and videos alike.

“The agile S9 is equipped to not only elevate your creative output, but also allow you to share it with the world in an instant,” said Aaron Waters, Product Marketing Manager for Imaging at Panasonic Australia.

Pricing for the Panasonic Lumix S9 is set at $2699 body only, with a kit arriving with 20-60mm lens for $3299, while the 26mm pancake lens is $349. Australians can expect to find both in stores shortly.

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