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Apple Event in May 2024

New iPads likely in May as an Apple event appears

Some changes to the iPad line-up appear to be in the works, as an Apple event invite appears with some hints about what to expect.

If you’re thinking about buying an iPad, you might want to wait a few weeks, because we’ve been given a pretty clear sign that things are about to change.

The rumour mill has been ramping up like crazy over the past couple of months, and while we initially expected April to launch iPads, the month is nearly over so clearly that didn’t happen.

But even if April wasn’t the time for new iPads, it seems new models weren’t far, as Apple send out invites to an online event in May. Specifically, it’s for an event in two weeks, and the hints in the image give us an idea of what to expect (when you’re expecting iPads).

Apple event images are known for their teasers, and this one offers a few, including the very obvious Apple Pencil, plus an emphasis on colours.

Apple May event

Knowing what we know about the iPad line, as well as what’s likely in development, the colours make us think we’re going to finally see an OLED iPad in some variety, likely an iPad Pro.

Granted, colours are typically part of art-making, and that’s what an Apple Pencil and iPad are known for, but Apple has been gradually improving its screens, and OLED panels in tablets and laptops isn’t a new thing. Samsung’s Tab S9 already includes OLED in some form, so it’s more of a “when” for the iPad, rather than “if”.

At the same time, other iPad models have been a long time since they were updated, so it’s about time for them to arrive.

Last year came and went without any upgrades, and so the iPad range was last updated a year or two ago depending on the model you look at.

That’s suggestive we could see a synchronised update across the iPad range, making changes to the standard iPad last updated in 2022, the iPad Mini updated in 2021, iPad Air last updated in 2022, and the iPad Pro last updated in 2022.

We’ll know more in the early hours of May 8 Australian time, which is when the May 7 event in America kicks off. Stay tuned.

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