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Netgear’s Orbi 970 is a fast mesh router for an eye-watering price

High-speed networking tech can get expensive, but costing as much as $4299, Netgear’s foray into mesh WiFi 7 tech has hit insane pricing.

It’s not unusual to pay top dollar for the latest technology, and it’s a #firstworldproblem early adopters know all too well. If you get in first for the latest tech, you can expect to pay up for the privilege. That’s just part and parcel of life.

A new router from Netgear follows that approach, though it might push the pricing to a level we’ve never seen from consumer-grade network hardware.

The company’s latest take on its Orbi mesh routers is the Orbi 970, a quad-band mesh router that sports the latest WiFi 7 networking technology, offering speeds up to 27Gbps in a network all without cables. While wireless is the name of the game, the Netgear router includes five wired Ethernet connections, covering one 10 Gigabit connection ideally meant for the internet (your NBN box) and four 2.5 Gigabit ports built for computers, network storage, and other devices that need to get set up on a WiFi network.

The Orbi 970 router can operate by itself as one device, just like other wireless routers, or it can be paired with up to two more, with three covering a range of up to 660 square metres, making it ideal for big homes.

It also comes with some security, parental controls, and some patented technology to let people get the most out of the network.

However, one other thing the Orbi 970 comes with is a hefty price — possibly the heftiest we’ve seen for consumer-grade network tech.

While small business and enterprise network hardware can get expensive quickly, consumer grade networking gear typically maxes out at $900, and is often much lower. The Netgear Orbi 970 goes the other way, set to cost a minimum of $1599 for the one Orbi 970 unit, while a three pack with the router and two satellites will cost an eye-watering $4299, a little more than Sennheiser’s $4K Ambeo soundbar, and getting into TV territory for pricing.

That is a staggering price for a router, though it definitely sits in the category of early adopter pricing, largely because WiFi 7 routers aren’t exactly in large supply, and neither are the mesh equivalents.

The Orbi 970 three-pack is over $4K worth of networking gear. Yikes.
This is over $4K worth of networking gear. Yikes.

We suspect Netgear is largely focusing on folks looking for a future-proof network tech in their home, and don’t mind paying a small fortune for the privilege, but even so, this is a hefty cost.

If that heavy price tag isn’t enough to dissuade, the Orbi 970 range and its three-pack variant (Orbi 973S) are set to arrive in Australia soon.

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