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LG’s 2024 Gram keeps weight down, adds AI to the package

Another friendly dose of AI as LG joins the AI PC craze in the 2024 Gram range.

Only a week into the new year, we won’t be shocked if you’re already suffering a bit of AI fatigue, and guess what, it’ll only likely get worse.

With AI likely set to dominate as one of the world’s major tech trends this year, thanks in part to chip makers Intel introducing an AI-on-a-chip component to its latest Core Ultra processors, you can more or less expect every PC maker to have an AI PC this year, and LG is one of them.

Launching at CES 2024 this week, LG’s super slim and lightweight Gram laptop is keeping its thin and light design in 2024, and offering four sizes of models this year, covering a 14, 15, 16, and 17 inch option, with also variants that jump between standard clamshell laptops and 2-in-1 hybrids that work as a tablet.

The new models will see Intel’s Core Ultra chips with AI onboard, something LG plans to use with automatic photo sorting and organisation, as well as linking devices you may already own, such as your phone.

Two 16 inch models will also be named the LG Pro, which not only boast the new chips, but displays with 2560×1600 resolution and wide colour gamuts can be found (with an option to go higher), plus support for an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 graphics card, giving them a little more boost in the area of graphical prowess, especially when compared against the standard graphics offered without.

The lightest of these is still the LG Gram 14, which will sit at 1.1kg, while the 16 inch LG Gram Pro with its dedicated graphics chip will be at most 1.39kg for the 2-in-1 hybrid model, while the standard laptop will be 1.28kg, keeping things thing all the same.

As with most CES announcements, there’s no word yet on what these new LG Gram models will cost in Australia, but given that we’ve seen them over the past couple of years, it seems likely they will launch locally later in the year.

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