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iOS 17.4 arrives with a touch more battery info

Unsure if your iPhone battery is performing the way it should? The latest version of iOS will tell you just that.

There are lots of reasons to make sure you download the latest updates. You can find patches for security issues, fixes for memory and performance issues, and even the odd emoji addition here and there.

New features are also a part of that, and they can improve how you use your phone, too. They’re typically a part of a major release, like when you jump large operating system numbers, but they can also be in the smaller releases, too.

That’s exactly what’s happening with the latest version of iOS, version 17.4, which is rolling out across a gamut of supported iPhone models to get a variety of features, including a change to how Apple Music’s tabs look, transcripts on the Apple Podcasts app — a feature that will appear on new podcasts first before gradually rolling out to older podcasts later down the track — as well as the obligatory new emoji.

But the one thing that grab us most of all? Battery information.

Inside an iPhone’s settings screen for your battery, there is now a screen showing your battery’s health, complete with cycle count, manufacturing date, and date of first use.

Specifically, the setting addition will be on iPhone 15, 15 Plus, 15 Pro, and 15 Pro Max models, and you can expect it will be there on future models, as well.

The inclusion is definitely interesting, however, especially since the date of first use could be really handy to prove the age of phones being sold second-hand.

Owners of an iPhone 15-range model should see the feature rolling out now, while other iOS 17.4 features and improvements will be found across more models, as well.

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