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GoPro’s Quik video editing app comes to Mac

Learning to edit video is one of those things that takes time, but GoPro’s Quik app is all about speed, and its service offering for taking editing to go.

Capturing your adventures is one of the things action cameras like the GoPro are great at, but doing something with the video later on? That’s something you’re probably going to need a spot of software to help with.

You can, of course, just grab the clips out of a camera and reminisce like with any phone camera, scrubbing through a video and swiping left and right to see what there is, but there’s also nothing quite like an edited video to really show off what you’ve done.

Grab the video, edit the cool parts, add a few transitions, include some music, and you’ve basically got a video of your adventure all sorted.

Getting it to this level typically requires some software expertise, using something such as Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro, but if you don’t have either, you might want to turn to something a little easier, particularly if you’re using a GoPro.

GoPro has released the macOS version of its Quik app, the video editing app normally found on Android and iOS, now available in a larger version for Mac desktops, with a Windows version set to arrive later this year.

The app syncs with the mobile version and essentially allows videos to be edited from a mobile transfer via a GoPro camera and back to a desktop, with beat synchronisation to map edit points to a music soundtrack, while an auto highlight feature helps to expedite professional editing style results even without editing experience.

In short, Quik aims to do what its name suggests: get video editing sorted quickly.

One thing you will probably want is a GoPro, and possibly even a subscription alongside it, with GoPro adding a few options for folks who want to upload their video to the cloud to go with their camera.

There’s a $69.99 per year GoPro Premium offering with 25GB cloud storage for support of Quik, though it starts at $34.99 for first-time subscribers, and there’s also a GoPro Premium+ subscription that’ll cost $69.99 for the first year for existing GoPro subscribers, offering 500GB of storage and support for hyper-smooth video stabilisation, something the other offering doesn’t get.

GoPro will also make its Quik app work for people who don’t have a GoPro, available in a $14.99 per year Quik subscription, which will see royalty free music tracks bundled into the service, as well.

“Our new Quik desktop app syncs with our mobile app and cloud, making GoPro the ultimate content creation solution for beginners and advanced creators alike,” said Nicholas Woodman, Founder and CEO of GoPro.

“Quik’s auto-editing experience represents a convenient starting point for new creators, and our more advanced editing tools and ongoing developments in AI and computer vision ensure pro-minded users will enjoy enhanced capability as we continue to update our apps,” he said.

Quik is available now for macOS alongside mobile apps on iOS and Android, with a Windows version to come later.

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