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Google adds fuel efficiency Maps planning

Getting from point A to point B with less petrol is now possible on Google Maps in Australia.

The best route may well get you somewhere in less time, but it also mightn’t be the most energy efficient option.

That sort of logic could be exactly why Google has been working on an addition to Maps rolling out this week across the country, which will make it possible to compare your options based on speed and fuel efficiency.

It’s an addition that uses a combination of mapping and artificial intelligence to let you pick the type of vehicle you’re using — petrol, diesel, electric, or hybrid — and then see which route provides fuel savings.

You might end up with slightly more traffic, but it could save fuel in the process, with the routing optimised based on AI and fuel type. And if saving petrol or electricity really isn’t the point, Google promises that you can still select the fastest route altogether.

The feature is rolling out in Sydney and Melbourne initially with more cities to come, as well as in other places international, as well.

At the same time, Google may also provide alternate transport choices for specific routes, showing whether trains could cover the same distance, saving fuel in the process another way.

Joining this greener approach to route planning will be features designed to help electric car owners (and renters) find EV charging stations, which may be used to plan stops for long drives.

Google is also rolling out more information for flight planning, including estimated emissions in the booking process, as well.

It’s all one bit more the search giant is providing that could help you plan trips and leave the planet feeling a little bit better in the process.

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