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Belkin preps students with headsets for kids

Peripherals and accessories have long been Belkin’s jam, and its latest launch is made for students heading back to school shortly.

The kids have been home for a while, but pretty soon, they’ll be back at school. Back learning and needing some of the tech that keeps that process going, be it because they need it in the classroom or need it at home.

Headphones are one of those sorts of devices. Some classrooms need a pair for each kid, while some parents might prefer their kids work with music, which means it’ll be easier if there’s a pair of headphones to contain that sound entirely.

While any pair of headphones could do either of those things, a pair of decibel-limited headphones at least provides some sense of volume limiting, so that young hearing isn’t put at risk.

This is an area Belkin has been working in for some time, and in its latest pair, the Soundform Inspire, Belkin is offering that and a little bit more, supporting wired and wireless connections, a boom mic, mute button and LED indicator, and an over-ear design made to be comfortable.

The Belkin Soundform Inspire continue some of what we’ve seen from Belkin’s kid-friend day Soundform in the past, but with a little more on the feature side, offering up to 35 hours of wireless battery life using Bluetooth 5.2, support for a 3.5mm connection, and a USB-C port that can be used as a wired audio port from a tablet or computer.

Like other kids headphones, there’s a volume limiter set to 85dB, and the headphones are foldable for easy carrying. The boom mic is a bit of a surprise, making them handy for kids to talk to people, as well as an LED indicator for the mute button, so you can know roughly what the kids are doing when the mic is down. Kinda sorta.

Belkin will also be offering a variant of the Soundform Inspire for adults, arriving in the slightly bigger Soundform Adapt, which bundles in noise cancellation for the mic (which isn’t the same as active noise cancellation), touch controls, and up to 45 hours of wireless battery life.

Pricing for the headphones sees the Soundform Inspire land in Australia for $69.95, while the more adult-focused Soundform Adapt will cost $79.95 locally.

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