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Beats brings back the Pill speaker

It seems like every company has a Bluetooth speaker, but some have actually left that market. But one is returning, as Beats revives the Pill.

It’s been over ten years since Beats introduced a speaker, but also two years since the company stopped making that same gadget.

The Beats Pill was introduced in 2012 back when Bluetooth speakers weren’t as common as they are now, and everyone didn’t have at least one floating around the house.

You can find Bluetooth speakers referenced in kids shows these days, because they’re as common and ubiquitous as it gets. And yet despite this level of technology democritsation, not everyone makes a great speaker.

Brands come and go, and some have actively left over the years, though one that has seen changes over the years is Beats.

The now-Apple-owned brand released a pill-shaped speaker aptly named the “Pill” in 2012, and even released subsequent models over time. There was a second-gen Pill and a slightly bigger Pill+, but while so many other brands have been making Bluetooth speakers in the past few years, Beats has largely been absent past those initial models.

That looks set to change with the return of the Beats Pill.

New for 2024, the latest edition of the Beats Pill hasn’t changed the design significantly; it is still a pill-shaped speaker. However, things are different in just about every place.

The 2024 Beats Pill has been re-engineered with a new woofer and strong magnets to move more air, minimising distortion and improving the sound. There’s an upward tilt in their design to fire the audio up and minimise sound reflections, while the Pill is also slightly lighter than its predecessor, boasting IP67 water and dust resistance throughout.

There’s even an improved battery supporting up to 24 hours of playback, plus the ability to support two speakers at once if you have them.

Two Beats Pills at once will support stereo playback with amplified sound for Bluetooth sound, but you can also use a USB-C plug to get lossless audio over a cable similar to Beats’ recent USB-C headphones. Alternatively, you could just charge the speaker from it.

“The Beats Pill is back and better than ever—now packed with outstanding sound, all-day battery life, and convenient features,” said Oliver Schusser, Vice President of Apple Music and Beats at Apple.

“From the beloved Pill characters to cameos in the world’s most-watched music videos, the original Beats Pill was a pop culture phenom and we’re thrilled to bring back a fan favourite updated with the latest features in an iconic design,” he said.

Support for both iOS and Android is found in the Pill, with on-device controls for power, volume, and music control. You’ll also find Apple’s Find My tracking thrown in, handy in case you ever lose or misplace the speaker.

Australians can expect to find the Beats Pill for $249.95 when it lands in stores shortly, available in red, black, or champagne gold.

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