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Australian Searchr TV aims to help you find a show across every service

Not finding what you need when you want to watch TV? An Aussie solution could be just around the corner, though you’ll need to pay for it.

Our living rooms, computers, tablets, and phones may be where we’re spending time watching movies and TV shows, but finding what’s on isn’t being made any easier by just how much content there is.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing, mind you; more stuff to watch is great, but when you spend most of your time flicking through content listings to settle on one piece thing to watch, it highlights a problem many of us are dealing with.

Apple has attempted to fix parts of that with its “TV” app on devices, and meanwhile Foxtel’s launch of Hubbl in Australia has provided an approach, even if the device left us wanting.

So what are your other options to find content easily?

It turns out there’s another player trying to fix this problem, and it’s an Australian provider, no less.

Called “Searchr.TV”, it’s an Australian entertainment search and content guide of sorts, connecting the catalogues of five local free-to-air services, as well as ten paid streaming services in one app.

News publications are also integrated, as well as sports information and a kids zone, while the guide itself connects content with where you can find each film and show, as well as an IMDB rating.

As for why Searchr TV was created, it seems the impossibility of finding anything might have been the culprit.

“Three years ago I spent 25 minutes trying to find Die Hard 2 for my Christmas movie fix,” said Tim Wheeler, Managing Director of Searchr to Pickr, almost correctly identifying a holiday movie in the process (Die Hard yes, Die Hard 2 maybe not).

“After flicking through seven different platforms before finding it, I decided there had to be an easier way,” he said.

“The industry has slightly caught up, and now people can find where shows are housed online or by Googling, but we are providing a platform where people can search, find and watch – all in the one action.”

Being an app-based solution, Searchr TV allows the technology to avoid being an extra bit of hardware like how Hubbl works, so it can be downloaded to a device and run natively.

Initially, that means you can find Searchr on Google Chromecast installs for Google TV, as well as through web browsers. More TV installs are coming soon, with Tizen for Samsung TVs, Apple TV, and iOS for iPhone and iPadOS also in development, as well as Android in general, because a web browser is hardly an interface for TV viewing (even if you can view streaming services such as ABC and Netflix through your web browser).

Officially, Searchr noted that some of these other versions would be out in the next few months, and that the service will also direct people to where they can rent or buy content if there is no streaming option.

“Searchr.TV will, however, offer all available options, so users may be able to find a way to view the content without having to outlay additional costs,” said Wheeler.

The one catch in Searchr TV may be the cost, because it won’t be free. It will come with a 14 day trial, but it will cost either $3.49 per month, $9.99 per quarter, or $29.99 per year, depending on which option is chosen.

It’s worth noting that Searchr TV won’t replace your subscription services, either, providing a portal to those with links to open the content, so this is added on top of your existing Netflix and Stan subscriptions, something you might be cutting back on given the times.

For folks who might be struggling to find anything in the vast content libraries out there, Searchr could help people navigate and quickly get something watchable, be it for kids or adults. And that appears to be largely the point.

“With a diverse library of movies, TV shows, and dedicated sports, news, and kids’ zones, we’ve got something for everyone, and it’s all in one place,” said Wheeler.

“Beyond convenience, we’re fostering a sense of culture and community, allowing you to discover new content tailored to you and share suggestions with friends.”

Searchr.TV is available now on Google Chromecast Android TV based devices, as well as web browsers, and will come to more devices in the near future.

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