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Aspera’s latest sub-$200 Android brings big screen, NFC

If you don’t have a lot of money to spend, Aspera’s Nitro 2 looks to impress on price.

Budget phones are proving to be an intriguing battleground, as more manufacturers look to well below the $300 price point for phones. Recently, we saw what Motorola could do with a sub-$200 full-featured phone, and now an Aussie brand is joining in with its own take on the category.

Aspera has this week announced a new $179 handset, aimed at making the case for people looking for value rather than spending up the proverbial limb.

The Aspera Nitro 2 brings a 6.6 inch HD+ screen and a big 5000mAh battery to the table, with the combination of those two features plus a Unisoc chip likely helping the hardware last two to three days of battery life.

We’re not expecting heaps of performance from the handset based simply on the processor, and its 3GB RAM more or less tells us this won’t be a phone made for gaming. What it will offer, however, is Near-Field Communication for mobile payments, facial recognition, a fingerprint sensor, and a 13 megapixel camera on the back.

From the pictures, we’re seeing two cameras suggesting the second could be for something like portrait shots, even if the specs sheet doesn’t list what it is. We’ll check with Aspera, but the focus won’t likely be on the quality of the cameras, rather how much you get for the price.

“With our new Nitro 2 we focused in particular on providing even better value for money features whilst significantly raising the features, look and feel,” said Allan Robertson, Managing Director for Aspera Mobile.

“Nitro 2 costs just $179 which, for this kind of phone, is an amazing price for budget conscious consumers who want maximum functionality without the hefty price tag that comes with so many other brands,” he said.

“Nitro 2 in particular not only punches far above its weight in the smartphone stakes, but it looks and feels good while it’s doing it,” he said.

The Aspera Nitro 2 is available now from Aspera’s website, Australia Post, Big W, and Mobileciti.

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