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Apple temporarily increases trade-in on iPhone upgrades

Buying an iPhone can be pricey, but if you have an older model, Apple has temporarily moved the trade-in amount slightly higher.

It’s near the end of May, and while it might be almost the middle of the year, we already know roughly when the next iPhone will likely arrive: September. That’s roughly four months away.

Four months isn’t that far, which might lead folks considering a new iPhone to just wait. We wouldn’t blame them.

In less than half a year, there will be a new iPhone, and more likely four. We expect an iPhone 16 to replace the iPhone 15, and iPhone 16 Plus to replace the iPhone 15 Plus, and an iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max for the obvious replacements of the 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max. All of that makes sense.

And yet if you still wanted to grab one of those iPhone 15 models, Apple might be offering a good reason to move now: higher trade-in on older iPhone models.

Specifcially, if you have an eligible phone from the iPhone 7 Plus an higher, Apple is offering extra trade-in credit from $50 to $120 AUD until June 3, a move that we’re surprised has an end date this early. Depending on how old the phone you’re trading is, that could end up with as little as $110 off and as much as $1210 taken off the cost of a new phone.

June is clearly not September when the new iPhones are expected, but Apple does have an event in June: WWDC, Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference.

With WWDC on from June 10 to June 14, we’re expecting to hear all about iOS 18 and any (and all) upcoming AI integrations with its phone OS, which will probably lean on chips in the latest and future phones.

It makes a little sense for Apple to boost trade-in ahead of WWDC to see more people potentially excited for what their devices can do, so we expect these two events are probably related. It’s also possible Apple is timing the trade-in ahead of the End of Financial Year Sales, but if that were the case, we’d expect the trade-in to run throughout all of June, not just until the week that month begins.

In any case, Apple’s additional trade-in kicks in now, potentially saving folks some money, or even changing the trade-in to an Apple Gift Card for use later.

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