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Twelve South adds iPhone MagSafe to laptop stands

There are two types of MagSafe in the Apple ecosystem, but the only one you need to think about with TwelveSouth’s latest stand is on the iPhone.

Whether you work from home or sit in an office on the day to day, if you set a laptop in front, you mightn’t be doing your back or neck justice. It’s one of the downsides of work: you’re probably looking at a computer all the time, and if it’s a laptop, it mightn’t be set at the best height for your body.

One solution to deal with this issue is a laptop stand, giving you the ability to raise the computer and its screen to a more neck-friendly level, preventing you from needing to look down at your work.

That’s certainly one way to improve your desk, and the latest take on that concept might be another, with a laptop stand bringing in a wireless charger built in.

And that’s exactly what peripherals maker Twelve South is doing with a recent gadget, as it updates the HiRise height-adjustable laptop stand, bringing with it a MagSafe charging panel into the body.

Specifically, it’s the MagSafe for an iPhone and not the MagSafe for a recent Apple laptop such as an M2 MacBook Pro 14 or M2 MacBook Air, with the panel on the bottom under the laptop tray supporting a MagSafe charger, though it’s not included.

Distinct from Twelve South’s HiRise 3 with MagSafe built into the design, you’ll need to add that yourself in the HiRise Pro laptop stand, meaning if you have a MagSafe charger from Apple, this will fit right in.

Outside of that charging section, the Twelve South HiRise Pro will support laptops and MacBooks sized from 11 inches all the way to 16 inches, and can raise them from a little over 6cm to 15cm, or between 2.5 and 6 inches of height.

Locally, you can expect to find the Twelve South HiRise Pro for $179.99, while that optional MagSafe charger from Apple comes in at around the $65 mark in Australia.

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