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Telstra turns on free payphone calls to Santa once again

Ho ho ho, that’s the sound of kids finding their way to one of the last remaining phone boxes to talk to the big guy in red.

Given all the fun we’ve been having with telcos lately, we could do with some good news, and Telstra might just have some of it. ‘Tis the season and all.

Just like it did last year and the year before, Telstra is switching on its free phone service to let kids (or adults) call Santa Claus from its phone boxes, turning on the #HO HO HO service which translates to a call of #46 46 46.

Dial hash with 46 three times from one of the 14,500 payphone around Australia, and you’ll be connected with Santa Claus all the way until Christmas Eve, with Telstra noting that the call line will also offer more conversation than just whether you’ve been naughty or nice this year.

Telstra notes that last year over 11,000 calls to Santa were made from the phone boxes around the country, working at every Telstra phone box that still happens to be around.

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