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Technics readies AZ80 earphones with more multipoint, ergonomics

Earphones with a little more juice and a lot more consistent connections are coming from Panasonic’s Technics division.

There is clearly no shortage of earphone choices out there, but no two pairs are alike and manufacturers keep upping the tech and capabilities.

It seems like every month, there’s something new to feast our ears on, and May is no different in that regard, as Technics updates a pair from last year and releases something new, too.

Specifically there’s a new high-end pair from Technics, as Panasonic’s audio brand launches a 2023 flagship in the EAH-AZ80, a pair of truly wireless earphones sporting a 10mm aluminium diaphragm built for hi-res sound, with a design that aims to optimise the airflow for improved sound at that.

That’ll work with Bluetooth and LDAC, with support for active noise cancellation using a combination of microphone pick-up and software for a two-part approach to ANC, while ambient noise modes are also a part of the package.

Listening to audio is one side of the earphones, but there’s also talking on the phone, and for that is something Technics calls “JustMyVoice”.

A piece of proprietary technology, JustMyVoice pairs voice detection microphones with micro-electrical mechanical microphones to cut back on ambient noise when you’re talking, reportedly allowing you to be heard even in noisy areas.

While Technics’ AZ80 focuses on the high-end, it’s not the only pair Technics is releasing. There’s also a new breed of the AZ60, a model we checked out last year, coming in the Mark 2, or more specifically the AZ60M2.

The new variation won’t get the same sizeable 10mm driver, but it will see the JustMyVoice technology, slight improvements to noise cancellation, and something both pairs of earphones will receive: support for three devices in Bluetooth Multipoint.

That’s a new one, with multipoint typically only covering a maximum of two devices, with three working here.

Both pairs will also see relatively long battery life, with up to seven hours of music playback with active noise cancellation and four hours of talk time in calls, with IPX4 sweat resistance and Qi wireless charging in the case.

They’ll be priced slightly differently, with the AZ60M2 fetching $399 and the AZ80 going a little higher at $499, both of which are heading to stores in July.

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